Alice the Thinking Dog
 I am here to entertain you!

I bowl, I play the keyboard, and I sing. 

And I don't always do what my handler tells me to do because I am still training him!

How I became a famous entertainer after being rescued:

April 2009:  Just after I was born, my siblings and I were dumped off far away from St. Louis.  We were taken to a shelter and two of us (my brother and me) were then sent to the Animal Protective Association in St. Louis.

June 2009: Two months later, I was on Sammy Stars with Jennifer Blome.  Lucky for me, a couple looking for a dog saw me on television and decided they wanted to adopt me.  Since then, I have been living with this family and have been very happy.

December 2010: The owners of a dance studio asked if I would help them with their Christmas shows at nursing homes and senior living apartments.  Since I was learning how to do tricks at that time, I agreed.  I had a great time with all the dancers and people at the shows!  As a result, I showed my leader I was really smart. 

January 2011 - December 2012: My Christmas shows with the dancers were so good that my leader decided to let me perform on my own.  Since January 2011, I have done over 200 shows for people of all ages.  Some of my tricks I came up with on my own because I am smarter than my leader -  that's why I'm called “Alice the Thinking Dog.” 

January 2013 to now:  This year I decided to start helping children with cancer.  (see the page above - "Helping kids with cancer.")

September 2015:  I have a new adopted sister - Noel - she's a Auss Cattle Dog/Great Pyrenees mix.  We are great friends and play allot every day.  Her photo is on my photo page.

My Fame:  Being so popular has not gone to my head – I know I am still just a dog.  Every day I go for a run and chase squirrels, rabbits, deer, and big birds.  Also, I have trained my family to give me treats whenever I want them.